What is Seaton Parish Council responsible for?

As in many parts of England, there are 2 tiers of local government in Rutland. The first is the County Council, which is Rutland County Council and is based in Oakham. The second is Seaton Parish Council, which comprises 5 elected members and meets in the Seaton Village Hall at least 4 times a year.

The County Council is responsible for a range of services including education, transport, planning, fire and public safety, social care, libraries, waste management and trading standards. These services are listed on this website in the A-Z of Services.

The Parish Council has more limited and local responsibilities including the provision of allotments, public clocks, bus shelters, community centres, play areas and equipment, and occasional grants to help local organisations. The County Council may also invite the Parish Council to provide local views from time to time on local issues such as neighbourhood planning and individual planning applications.

The Parish Council is also responsible for proposing the precept i.e. the parish element of local rates, and has powers to issue fixed penalty fines for things like litter, graffiti, fly posting and dog offences.

Seaton is a small rural village so does not have a dedicated Parish Office or full time staff. Instead, the best way to contact the Council is to speak to one of the Councillors or to email the part-time Clerk to the Council who is John Hill.

Members of the Parish are also very welcome to attend any Council Meetings - see the diary of meetings for more information.

Who are your Councillors?

Seaton Parish Council consists of 5 elected councillors who normally each serve for a fixed term of 4 years. The current members of the Council are as follows:

David Coop (Chair)

Robin Clarke

Caroline Lammie

Siobhan Machin

There is one vacancy following the resignation of Nic Greenfield who decided to stand down at the end of June 2021 having completed 7 years on the Council including 4 years as Chair. We thanked Nic for his considerable work and wish him well in what is his third retirement!

We are always looking for members of the parish who would like to join the Parish Council. If you would like to become a councillor or find out more about what they do then please contact the Clerk to the Council.

The register of interests for each of our Councillors can be found on the Rutland County Council website.

Does The Parish Council have any Standing Committees?