Disruption of Telephone and Broadband Services

Dear Seatonians and Councillors,

Last week's meeting of the Seaton Parish Council included detailed discussion of the telephone and broadband problems that many of us have experienced as a result of RCC's contractors cutting through Open Reach cables while working on Coach Bridge on 24 Oct 2019.

RCC Councillor Andrew Brown attended the meeting and agreed to investigate the extent to which they were responsible and any lessons that might be learned to avoid a recurrence. He emphasised, however, that each individual should contact their service provider to resolve any continuing problems, and discuss any compensation.

Some residents that had already settled their claims said it had also been helpful to contact the Ombudsman, OfComm, who could advise on dispute procedures and rates of compensation.

The SPC continues to advise residents with persistent problems to contact their service provider, which for BT is the Customer Service Team on 0800 800 150.

Nic Greenfield


Seaton Parish Council

Posted: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:03 by Nic Greenfield

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