Seaton is a small rural village in Rutland, which is the smallest county in England. The village is located in the East Midlands, about 100 mile north of London, but close to many historical towns such as Uppingham, Oakham and Stamford, and within easy each of local cities such as Leicester, Peterborough and Cambridge. It is also just a stone's throw from Rutland Water and Eyebrook Reservoir which offer fantastic opportunities for walking, cycling, sailing, trout fishing and bird watching. Put simply, it's a great place to live!

Most of your local services are provided by Rutland County Council which is based in nearby Oakham, but Seaton Parish Council works closely with them to represent local views so that we can make Rutland, and Seaton in particular, an even better place to live, work and play.

Our website includes a wealth of information about what's on in the village and how we conduct our business. Please use the search facilities or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find the information you require, or would like to add something to the site, then please contact us. We are here to help.

Latest News

RCC response to Disrupted Broadband and Telephone Land Lines in Seaton

Seaton Parish Council wrote to Rutland County Council last week to echo parishioners' concerns about the continuing problems that many villagers have with their broadband and land line telephones. We received the following response fro RCC this morning 11 Nov 2019:

"On behalf of RCC and Tarmac please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused to you and other residents of Seaton resulting from the damage to the BT cable at Coach Bridge. More »

A temporary repair has been carried out although I am aware that there are still issues with reliability. We are working with Openreach to arrange a permanent repair as soon as possible. I am waiting for a response from them for a date.

To answer your concerns regarding risk mitigation. A thorough survey of the cables was carried out prior to the works commencing. Cable plans were provided by Openreach. Trial holes were excavated each side of the bridge and another on the bridge deck. Ground probing radar was also used to locate the position of the cables. Despite these precautions the cable that was damaged was missed due to it being cast directly into the reinforced concrete of the bridge deck, it was not contained within ducts. Unfortunately damage to the cable was unavoidable as a result. Even had we known of its existence it would have been impossible to demolish the bridge without having to cut and replace the cable.

Regarding your comments about the timing of the work. It has been a long process to get to the construction phase which involved our structural engineers at Leicestershire County Council and the Environment Agency. The scheme was commissioned at the start of the financial year when the budget became available there then followed a lengthy design process. To obtain the EA approval to work on the main river there are a number of criteria to fulfil including flood risk assessments and wild life surveys which are also time consuming.

With regards to the use of the Glaston Road and subsequent verge damage. The closure signs were inadequately placed on the first day of the closure, however this was corrected the following day. Despite the numerous road closed signs placed along the B672 motorists are continuing to ignore the information and are still arriving at the site with nowhere to go. The majority are then turning to Seaton and then to Glaston. I have considered closing this road but decided against it because this traffic would then have no alternative but to continue through Seaton. I continue to monitor the condition of the verge and will take action as necessary.

I hope this provides answers to your concerns, however please contact me directly if you have any further questions.


Paul Slater MCIHT

Highways Engineer

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Posted: Mon, 11 Nov 2019 13:27 by Nic Greenfield

Defibrillator and CPR Training in Seaton Village Hall - Thursday 28 Nov 2019 at 7pm

The Parish Council has invited the Rutland First Responders to come to Seaton Village Hall on Thursday 28 Nov 2019 to provide some free, hands-on training in CPR and thow to use the village defibrillator.

The event will start at 7.00pm and last around 90 minutes. The Village Hall Committee has kindly offered to provide tea, coffee and light refreshments.

Everyone is welcome, but it would be appreciated if you could call or email by 15 Nov 2019 to reserve your place so we can ensure we have sufficient trainers and manikins. More »

The programme will be as follows:

  • Introduction and presentation of training
  • DVD showing cardiac arrest scenario
  • Hands on CPR, defibrillator and recovery position training
    • Small supervised groups (1 trainer for each 6 - 8 trainees)
    • 1 mini Anne Manikin per person
    • Recognising and reacting to cardiac arrest
    • CPR Training
    • Use of a defibrillator
    • Training on Recovery position
    • Q & A with trainers & feedback
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Posted: Tue, 05 Nov 2019 14:45 by Nic Greenfield

Rutland Mobile Library Hours for Seaton

Rutland Mobile Library Hours for Seaton

Rutland Mobile Library

The Rutland Mobile Library visits Seaton and parks outside the Village Hall on alternate Wednesdays (excluding bank holidays) between 11.20 and 11.40.

The Library is free to join; does not charge for overdue loans; and, is accessible by wheelchair. It has a range of popular fiction and non-fiction books, including some with large print and some talking books.

The planned dates for visits to Seaton for the next 6 months are: More »

16 and 30 Oct 2019

13 and 27 Nov 2019

11 Dec 2019

8 and 22 Jan 2020

5 and 19 Feb 2020

4 and 18 Mar 2020

Full details are available from Oakham Library on 01572 722918 or view on line at » Less

Posted: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 15:20 by Nic Greenfield